Wolves on My Mind

We had an interesting “wolf event” towards the end of January.  The wolves started howling early in the evening (and it was neither a full moon, nor a clear night), kept going all night, and only stopped sometime after dawn the next morning.  Poor Brennan didn’t know whether to be eager or frightened by all this.  I’m not sure what was up with the wolves.  At first, I thought they might be gathering for a pack hunt, especially after the cold spell that we’d just been through, which may have left them hungry.  But the howling went on for a long, long time, and was mostly concentrated in one location across the inlet from us.  Now I’m wondering if one of the pack members was killed or had died, and what we heard was pack mourning.  In any case, very strange!

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Scientific Publications

Image: Tigriopus californicus and Phaeodactylum tricornutum in a tidepool.

“There are good things to see in tidepools and there are exciting and interesting thoughts to be generated from the seeing. Every new eye applied to the peep hole which looks out at the world may fish in some new beauty and some new pattern, and the world of the human mind must be enriched by such fishing.”

     John Steinbeck, in the forward from Between Pacific Tides

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Building a Woodshed

We need to build a woodshed.  Up to now, we’ve stored our wood under the house – the house is on pilings and there’s lots of room for wood under there.  However, the minks, martens, and rodents have been building homes in the wood stacks, and this is not so good for the cabin.  Also, the wood represents a bit of a fire hazard.  With all these dry summers, we’ve decided that maybe that’s not the best place to store the wood.

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