I Love My Eggs

Image: Bantam eggs.

Years ago, as a child growing up on a farm, I used to have a flock of bantams and sold “organic free range eggs” at the local health food store.  However, as I grew older, eggs and butter became “bad” foods, full of cholesterol and saturated fats.  Since heart disease runs in my family, I reluctantly gave up on these great foods, or used them rarely and suffered pangs of guilt for my vices.

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A Stormy Winter’s Day

Image: White caps off of Collingwood Point.

After two weeks of “deep freeze”, I woke up last night to the rain pounding down on our cabin roof.  We were supposed to go visiting friends today, taking the Draiocht out towards the mouth of Port Neville Inlet, but last night I was having bad dreams about the trip, and sat up for a long time listening to the rain slam into the cabin.

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Our Winter Wonderland

Image: Looking down Port Neville Inlet towards Robber’s Knob.

It’s been a bright, blue-skied day, with the temperature hovering around 0°C, and only a slight breeze (in spite of continued warnings of cold outflow winds) – a perfect day for a walk through our woods.  We have a couple inches of snow on the ground from two days ago, not enough to make walking difficult, but it makes a perfect layer in which to observe animal tracks.

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