Building a Woodshed

We need to build a woodshed.  Up to now, we’ve stored our wood under the house – the house is on pilings and there’s lots of room for wood under there.  However, the minks, martens, and rodents have been building homes in the wood stacks, and this is not so good for the cabin.  Also, the wood represents a bit of a fire hazard.  With all these dry summers, we’ve decided that maybe that’s not the best place to store the wood.

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Brennan and the Back Porch

For the last four years or so, our back door has opened out onto a set of rustic cedar steps built for us by a friend.  They were meant only to get us by in the short term, but, like many things, became a nearly permanent part of our cabin as other things in our lives took priority over building a back deck.  Getting Brennan ended our procrastination on this project!

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A Genetics Puzzle – Coat Color in Border Collies

Some many years ago, back when I was an instructor of first and second year biology at a British Columbian college, I used to give my students genetic problems.  These are really exercises in logic, brain teasers, if you will.  I’ve always loved them, although I understand that some of my students weren’t quite so fond of genetics.  Recently, I have been inspired (more about that in another post) to take an interest in the genetics behind coat colors in dogs, specifically border collies.  So here’s the puzzle …

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