The Saga of Water Storage Tanks

We have considerable rain catchment – something around 20 blue barrels that collect rainwater from the house eaves.  Last year got really dry, and we ended up taking some of the blue barrels down to a creek to refill them, using our herring skiff, then pumping the water back up the slope to more blue barrels by the house.  A bit of a long process, but it saved our garden.  This year, we’ve decided to put in two 1100 gallon water reservoir tanks up by our catchment pond.  We are not heavy consumers of water (no dishwasher or big washing machine), but our garden is large, and does require watering after the beginning of May if the weather is hot. 

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What a Beautiful World We Live In

Image: Our front yard, a wild and busy place.

I’m not going to write much in this post – just let the photos tell our story.  The summer has been busy, but we are beginning to see the results of our hard work.

PS Keep tuned in for some upcoming artwork that is connected with my writing projects.

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Terracing the Garden

Image: Newly terraced garden with supports for climbing beans in the top terrace.

Coming from Prince Rupert, I’ve always been concerned about getting my garden to drain adequately.  We used raised beds in our gardens there, largely to keep the beds from becoming bogs.  I never thought you could have too much of a good thing when it came to drainage …

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The Beginnings of an Orchard

Image: Kiwi fruit arch looking into the old golden plum grove.

This year, we decided it was finally time to begin planting trees on our site – the start of an orchard.  So, early this spring, we began the project by clearing nearly an acre of our land.  This involved cutting lots of salmonberry and rose bush, brush burning, and root pulling.  A very good way to get into shape!

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