Eldranth Comes to Life

When I started my world building exercises, well over two years ago now, it all began with a simple question as I was writing the first few paragraphs in my book.  What do my characters look like?  Of course, I knew the answer in a general sense, but when you are trying to describe specific details, this question can be much more challenging.

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Ellendria – The Making of a Planet

Designing a solar system for Hauldryn (officially HIP 18433) was one of the first world building tasks that I set for myself.  Hauldryn is the home sun for a number of the major characters in my novel, and having a good working knowledge of this system will assist in many of my descriptive scenes.

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Ellendri Chronicles Backgrounder Part II

Second in a series of graphic novel posts describing the background universe for my upcoming novels.

Here’s my second installment of background information … written from Eldranth’s point of view.  For those who missed the first graphic novel, please go back to this post.

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