Eating Our Weeds

Image: Hairy cat’s ear (Hypochaeris radicata), also known as false dandelion.

When we purchased our property, we knew that it had a history of human use – hand logging and pioneer homesteading around the turn of the century, then more recently, clear-cut logging.  So we expected weeds.  Weeds and humans go hand-in-hand.  Some weeds, such as ivy, can be just plain irritating.  Other weeds, such as dandelions, are good edible species.

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A Gen Xer Goes Homesteading

Image: Rays of sunlight shining on our homesteading site.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve talked to a lot of people who thought that our crazy scheme of going OTG and developing a “permaculture homestead” was a really good idea.  But when asked whether or not they would consider doing a similar thing, they would always end up saying no, followed by a list of excuses (my kids …, my parents …, my job …, my social needs …, my lack of money …).  I’ve always figured that the reason why I’m out here and the rest of the world is in there (the box, that is) is because I’m a doer, and not a dreamer.  But maybe the real reason is because I’m a Gen Xer (short for being a member of Generation X).

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