Tuber Experiments

Image: Potatoes, carrots, and sunchokes harvested from our garden today.

Traditionally, we usually harvest our root vegetables in the fall and store them in a root cellar over the winter.  However, with our high water table in the winter, a root cellar just isn’t feasible.  Last year, I harvested my tubers and tried storing them in tubs of sand above ground.  This was a resounding failure – I ended up freezing most of my crop.  This year, it was time for a new experiment.

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Repair Work

As a person who lives off-grid with an old truck and older boats, I’ve often found myself crawling, squirming, or otherwise maneuvering into tight spaces within their mechanical anatomy in order to repair something or other that has chosen NOW to reach the state we commonly refer to as FUBAR.  I find that my personal experiences often get reflected in my writing.

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Meet Eldranth Foalen

Image: Location of the Ll’Ellendryn within the Milky Way Galaxy.

I decided a while back that I should write my science fiction stories under a pseudonym, partly to keep my fiction and nonfiction writing separate, but also, who is going to buy a book by Barb Faggetter (other than her friends)??  It’s just one of those names … so if I have to struggle with the weird name problem, why not just make one up that is completely free of any baggage.  So, meet Eldranth Foalen, one of the main characters in my novel.

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Soffits and Other Trivia

Image: Our cabin with edge trim and soffits installed.

Well, we finally won the marten war.  We managed to get the soffits (shiny black material located in the eaves in the above photo) installed in and around weeks of rain.  Mr. (or Mrs.) marten has been around, checking out our work, and has deemed the cabin completely marten proof.

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