Boats, Boats, Boats …

Boats seem an inevitable part of our existence, living up near the head of an inlet as we do.  Every year, I think, “Well, the boats are in good condition this year, we’ve done lots of work on them, and everything should be fine.”  And every year, our boats work hard to add just a little more adventure to our lives than maybe we really wanted.

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A Solar Dehydrator

Image: Solar dehydrator built from left over bits and pieces from our house construction.

The summer solstice is past and summer’s finally here.  The weather has become typically hot and dry, with no rain in sight for weeks.  It’s time to start harvesting the garden before everything dries up and dies.  As part of that process, we decided to build a solar dehydrator.

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Martens in the Roof and Bats in my Belfry

Officially, this post is about the pine marten that has been determined to share our cabin with us, but in actuality, it’s more about all those little things that have been happening in my life, and my head, since my last post, way back in December – the bats in my belfry, so to say.

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