Seed and Plant Suppliers

Seed and Plant Suppliers for Permaculture Projects

Alberta Nurseries - Located in Bowden, Alberta. Supplies vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, and bare root fruit trees and bushes. Does not sell GM seeds or plants.

Apple Luscious Organic Orchards - Located on Salt Spring Island, BC. Supplies scion wood or one-year-old whips of 200 varieties of apples.

Arbornaut Nursery - Located on Denman Island, BC. Supplies perennials, nut trees, fruit trees, fruiting shrubs, bamboo, edible and ornamental trees, and tea plants in containers.

Brother Nature Organic Seeds - Located in the Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island, BC. Supplies annual, perennial, herb, and vegetable seeds. Seeds are certified organic.

Cultivariable Seeds - Located on the coast of Washington state. Supplies Andean root and tuber crops. Does not sell GM varieties.

Dominion Seed House - Located in Georgetown, Ontario. Supplies vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, potatoes, bulbs, and mushroom spawn. Has some native seeds, and also some organic and heirloom seeds.

Fraser's Thimble Farms - Located on Salt Spring Island, BC. Supplies a wide variety of rare and native plant species in containers.

Gardens North - Located in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Supplies an eclectic collection of rare, hardy, perennial, native, and woody seeds.

Georgia Vines - Located in Claxton, Georgia. Supplies rare and unusual plants and seeds, including many vine species.

Honey Tree Nursery - Located in Norboro, PEI. Supplies flowering ornamental native and non-native trees, shrubs, vines, fruit and nut trees, and fruiting shrubs in containers.

Mad Dog Farm - Located in the Kooteney distric of BC. Supplies vegetable seeds and tubers. Products are certified organic.

Mountain Gardens - Located in western North Carolina. Supplies bare root plants and seeds for Chinese medicinal herbs, wild food plants, perennial vegetables, and Appalachian medicinal herbs.

Norton Naturals - Located in eastern Ontario. Supplies native and perennial vegetable tubers.

Pacific Rim Native Plant Nursery - Located on top of Chilliwack Mountain in southwestern BC. Supplies native plants as roots or in containers.

Peel's Nursery - Located in Hatzic Valley, Mission, BC. Supplies wholesale native plants as plugs or in containers.

Pineneedle Farms - Located in Pontypool, Ontario. Supplies native and non-native deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, fruit trees, and fruiting shrubs in containers.

Rhora's Nut Farm & Nursery - Located in Wainfleet, Ontario. Supplies heart nut, Carpathian walnut, hazelnut (filbert), Chinese chestnuts, American chestnuts, pecans, edible pines, and a variety of rare and unusual trees and shrubs in containers.

Richters Herbs - Located in Goodwood, Ontario. Supplies an amazing selection of herb seeds.

Salt Spring Seeds - Located on Saltspring Island, BC. Supplies heritage and heirloom vegetable, herb, and grain seeds. Seeds are untreated, open-pollinated and non-GM.

T & T Seeds - Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Supplies vegetable and flower seeds, tubers, bulbs, and bare root fruit trees and fruiting bushes.

The Mushroom Man - Located in Vancouver, BC. Supplies mushroom spawn and cultures.

The Mushroom Patch - Located in Chatham, Ontario. Supplies mushroom spawn and cultures.

Thompson & Morgan - Located in West Lorne, Ontario. Supplies annual, biennial, perennial, vegetable, herb, shrub, and tree seeds. Some organic seeds are available.

TreeEater Nursery - Located on Denman Island, BC. Supplies uncommon fruit, fruiting vines and shrubs, and nuts in containers.

VanDusen Botanical Garden - Located in Vancouver, BC. Supplies a wide variety of native and non-native seeds.

West Coast Seeds - Located in Vancouver, BC. Supplies heirloom, heritage and certified organic vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. Seeds are untreated and non-GM.

Wild About Flowers - Located in Turner Valley, Alberta. Supplies native perennial wildflowers and grasses.

Yellow Point Propagation - Located in Ladysmith, BC. Supplies native plant seeds and native and non-native tree seeds.