Station Codes

HBA - Humpback Bay (inside)
HBB - Humpback Bay (outside)
HR - Holland Rock
KF - Freeman Pass
KB - Bulley Island
L - Loretta Island (Sue Channel)
M - Metlakatla Bay
P - Birnie Island
PR - Prince Rupert Harbour
R - Rennell Sound
RI - Rachel Island
Y - Fin Island

Searching the database: The database can be searched by entering one or more filter values in the second row below the headers. For the station, year, month, and sample type, click on the drop-down arrow and select the value you wish to search for from the combo box. For columns with a simple entry box, you may type a single value (e.g., 5) for which you wish to search, a range of values (e.g., 5..10), or an inequality (e.g., >80). To reset the search filters, either delete the individual filter values or click on your browser refresh button (resets all the filters). To sort the data in each column, click on the header for the column. An up-arrow or down-arrow will appear, indicating that the data is sorted either in an ascending or descending manner, respectively.

Units for results: All plankton results are reported in number of cells/ml seawater. ASP and PSP results are reported in µg/g shellfish tissue.