All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Windows

Image: Front Windows in the Cabin.

Our weather hs been alternating between snow (we had our first snowfall a few days ago) and southeast gale with torrential rain. Today, however, dawned beautifully blue and clear.

Although it seems like an odd thing to do on Christmas day, the weather was perfect for completing the installation of our two triangular-shaped “rake” windows. And wow! What a difference they made to the cabin. The upper cathedral part of our cabin had been quite dark and drab. Now it was full of light. This brightened up the entire cabin, especially the loft. From the outside, the cabin took on a whole new look. Suddenly it had a bright, cheery appearance. It looked finished, as if the absence of the windows had been a glaring omission. We are very happy with our Christmas present – our two front windows.