A Community Christmas

Image: A Christmas Scene.

We were invited to a Port Neville community Christmas dinner at Ransom Point today.

Ransom Point is the old Hansen homestead at the mouth of Port Neville Inlet. The community dock for Port Neville is located here, and once upon a time, there was a post office and store run by the Hansens. Although the Hansens no longer live at the site, and the old store and post office are, sadly, closed, the Hansens still own the property. They have leased the homestead to the Coastal Missions, a wonderful group of people who still maintain the old Hansen tradition of hosting community gatherings at the old homestead.

Although the weather was dreary and wet, with a building southeast gale, the old homestead cabin was warm and cozy, and the company bright and cheerful. We enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner, got to know some of our neighbours better, and had a good break from our house construction. I am very happy that Ransom Point has been hosting these dinners (we had Thanksgiving with them as well). They are great informal gatherings that help build community spirit – something which I believe is very important!