Creag Faoiltiarna Fitheach Permaculture Design Project

Our home in Prince Rupert was called “Creag Faoiltiarna Fitheach“, which is Gaelic for “crag of the the wolf and raven” (both of which are common in Prince Rupert). Here, at our home, Ken and I decided to begin our process of “transition” away from a dependency on non-renewable energy sources and environmentally destructive resource extraction towards a more self-sufficient, sustainable existence living in harmony with our environment. As a first step on the path from concept to reality, I recently completed my Permaculture Design Certificate. I chose Creag Faoiltiarna Fitheach as my design project.

Welcome to the Creag Faoiltiarna Fitheach Permaculture Design Project Page!!

Permaculture Certificate.

I am hoping that the transition that we undergo in the next few years will be both an inspiration and a source of information for others who may also chose this path. To begin this sharing of information, I am posting a link below to the project design for Creag Faoiltiarna Fitheach. As we move from dream to reality, I will post additional links to photos of our transition and resources that we have found useful, and share our experiences, both good and bad, so that others may learn from what we are doing.

Permaculture Design for Creag Faoiltiarna Fitheach – Html5 Viewer