A Kipperfull of Wood

Image: A Kipperfull of wood.

We now have a Kipperfull of wood …

With our late start on house-building last winter, we never really had a chance to get enough wood to keep the stove going. All winter long, we were scrabbling around looking for dry-ish downed trees that could be cut up for firewood. Much of the wood we ended up getting was both damp and somewhat rotten. This didn’t make for good home heating. So, when Ken spotted a whole clump of wind-fallen alder not far from the house, we gathered firewood with a passion. The trees had only been down for a year, and were free from rot and reasonably dry. We had good teamwork – Ken chopped the trees up into firewood sized pieces with the chainsaw, and I flew at it with the axe, splitting the blocks into pieces small enough to dry quickly. At the end of a week’s work, we had a full load of firewood in the Kipper’s Folly – a Kipperfull, so to say.