Our Cozy Home

Image: Our Cozy Home

Gradually our little cabin is becoming our cozy home.

On the days when the weather has been cold and wet, we have continued with our work on the cabin interior. After nearly a year in storage, we have moved all of our furniture and belongings into the cabin. We had to contend with a little bit of water damage, as neither the big tent nor the metal shed where things had been stored were completely dry over the winter, but for the most part, we were pretty lucky and most of our stuff survived intact.

We’ve been making furniture from the remnants of the cabin building materials. Now we have a queen sized bed in the loft with under-bed storage and a unique set of sliding doors made from the tongue-and-groove pine siding (Ken is very good at creating great things from left over bits). Our kitchen has cabinets that are also made from the pine siding, with counters made from left over flooring and salvalged oak cabinet doors given to us by a friend. As they say … re-use and re-purpose! We are still working on finishing the bathroom counter … soon.

cozy cabin 2

Image: Our kitchen.

cozy cabin 3

Image: The study.

cozy cabin 4

Image: The loft.

cozy cabin 5

Image: Our pantry.