Deconstruction and Decomposition

Image: Compost Bins.

We’ve been invited to a deconstruction party.

It’s one of those win-win things. Our neighbour has decided to tear down his old cabin, which is getting pretty tired, and replace it with a brand new one (yet to be constructed). The contractor has told him that the old cabin has to come down and the site needs to be cleared before any foundation work can start. We need wood to build wood sheds, shops, and compost bins. The wood doesn’t need to be new, or beautiful, just sound enough to be re-usable. So we’ve been invited to help tear down the old cabin and salvage what wood and metal roofing/siding that we can. Sounds like a great deal!

Now that the Kipper has an engine, salvage work is much easier. The Kipper can take an amazing load of material, is easy to beach for loading, and the little 9.9 hp engine hardly uses any fuel. We put in four days of “deconstruction” work, helped our neighbour clean up the site, and came away a couple of loads of lumber of various dimensions and a pile of metal roofing sheets.

From deconstruction, we headed directly into decomposition … the first thing we built with the salvaged materials was a compost bin. This is a much needed item, as we are generating a great deal of compostable materials, and I would like to get some compost started for next year’s garden.