A Stormy Winter’s Day

After two weeks of “deep freeze”, I woke up last night to the rain pounding down on our cabin roof.  We were supposed to go visiting friends today, taking the Draiocht out towards the mouth of Port Neville Inlet, but last night I was having bad dreams about the trip, and sat up for a long time listening to the rain slam into the cabin.

At breakfast, I was wondering whether I was getting too “bushed” and  become antisocial, but suddenly the wind started roaring out of the west.  Collingwood Bay turned white with breaking waves, and surf rolled into our beach, something that almost never happens.  The winds whipped around us from all directions, and the trees bent and swayed alarmingly.  Branches and other debris flew about the cabin.  Out on the water, the boats pitched and heaved as large swell waves came out of the narrows.  The Awen‘s masts howled in eerie harmony with the roar of the wind.  We haven’t seen a storm like this here before … Gaia was having a savage moment.  Up at our neighbors, the blades were blown off their wind turbine.

I suppose I was just sensing the coming storm last night, or maybe it was a bit of prescience, but in any case, I’m glad we didn’t set out on our visiting trip, and chose to stay home.  Later, in the afternoon, we walked along the beach.  The storm was still blowing hard, but starting to wind down, and Ken took these photos.

Image: Rough water in Port Neville Inlet.

Image: Waves breaking on the beach of Collingwood Bay.

4 thoughts on “A Stormy Winter’s Day”

  1. Great pictures Barb, how are you and Ken doing? Walt and I are in Mexico until the end of March. Hope you have a great Christmas. Love Walt and Barb

  2. Hi Barb! Good to hear from you. We tried to phone you a month or so ago, but I suspect you might already have been in Mexico by then. Have a great Christmas in sunny Mexico! We’ll give you a call in April once you get back.

  3. Just took the time to catch up on your journal. Glad to hear you are good. I really should ‘subscribe’ because, without a reminder or you commenting on mine, I forget. It is especially hard right now…I am surrounded by desert and sagebrush and walled communities. The good news: Arizonians seem just as shocked as we are that DT is gonna be the grand poobah. The bad news? DT is gonna be the grand poobah. Oh well…..we still have ‘home’ and it looks real good except in the deepest winter.

    1. Strangely enough, I grew up in sagebrush country, and here |I am, loving the coast! Goes to show, eh? It’ll be interesting to see what the ramifications of DT are going to be. Glad I live here and not in the US (even in the deepest winter, which for us has been much better than many places in Canada this year).

      P.S. – I’ve put a subscription button on the blog site.

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