Map of the Ll’Ellendryn

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Here is the star map for the Ll’Ellendryn region in a bit more detail.  This is a flattened, and somewhat figurative diagram, something like the old, artistic world maps for Earth (I didn’t put “Here there be dragons”, but that’s kind of the gist of things).

The star pattern, as shown in this map, will show up in some of my other artwork.

Some other interesting notes:

  • The people and the cultures in my stories are pretty much in survival mode.  Very little exploration of the Ll’Ellendryn and areas beyond have occurred in the recent past of these civilizations … much has been forgotten.
  • Sol (Terra) is in the third arc, on the far left, very near the bottom of the diagram.  Terra will show up later on in the stories (not the first novel or two).
  • Ellendoria (habitable planet is Dorianya) has been obscured by an interstellar dust cloud for thousands of years.  No one knows if there is any life left on the planet.
  • The first novel takes place largely on Ellendria (sun is Hauldryn), Lorril (sun is Valaera), and Dochasia (sun is Serenia).
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