Our Homestead through Time

I was messing around on the Google Earth Engine the other day, and discovered that their Timelapse site finally had satellite images available for our region.  So here is our homestead from 1984 to 2016 …

If you want to explore changes in landscapes over time, Google Earth Engine Timelapse can be found here.

1 thought on “Our Homestead through Time”

  1. Very cool to see the changing logging profiles over those early years. 
    My nephew (Gary Crocker)worked on the the radio sat one that produced these images….when. he comes to visit us at Port Neville we will try to get you together to talk about this….We are in Costa Rica staying with Garu and his wife and your post has generated an interesting conversation.
    We  hope to be home Feb 10th weather permitting. 
    All the best Peggy and David 

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