Signs of Spring

It’s been a cold, slow spring, but gradually the signs of its impending arrival are starting to show up.

Our first snowdrops, popping up around the oak trees. They persisted, even when it snowed on them several times. However, the ruffed grouse were hard on them, nipping of leaves and flowers (as well as eating the buds on our fruit trees).
A yellow crocus, growing under the fruit trees.
A white crocus.
A blue crocus, just about to open on a sunny day when the ground has warmed up a little.
The path through our orchard, lined by daffodils. There were more out earlier, but we missed the best shot.
A daffodil and grape hyacinths.
A pink and cream colored hyacinth. These ones were highly scented, but seemed to attract flies more than bees and hummingbirds.
Purple colored hyacinths.
And finally the hummingbirds arrive. There has been a real frenzy around our feeder, as there are very few salmonberry blossoms or other wild flowers out yet. However, I’ve learned from observation that these little Rufous hummingbirds do very well catching small insects, and apparently can survive on a mostly protein diet.