A Seadog

An oceanographer needs a seadog … and it looks like I’ve got one!

Brennan met the sea full on today, a true baptism in salt water … and discovered he could swim (a good thing, this).  No, we didn’t throw him overboard.  We were walking along the beach, with Brennan cavorting along as he loves to do.  He likes to bite at the waves as they break along the shore, or jump in the still water when he sees his reflection.  Today, he suddenly went charging out into the water full tilt … one bound, two bounds, three bounds … I guess he didn’t realize that the further he went out the deeper the water got.  On his fourth bound, his feet didn’t touch bottom, and suddenly he was swimming. Surprisingly, he handled it quite well … seemed a little shocked for a moment, then started dog paddling and headed back to the beach to us.  So, he’s now officially a seadog, a deck swabby.  He’s made several trips with us on the Awen now, and has apparently gotten over his motion sickness as well.  So, I’m a happy oceanographer with a happy ocean-going, somewhat punk, hound!

Surveying the eelgrass
Happiness is a wet dog!
Hide-and-seek among the rocks
Stick fetch – part I
Stick fetch – part II

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