Permaculture Design Project for Port Neville

So here’s the permaculture design project for the food forest at our home in Port Neville (called Tir Ceòlmhor).

At first, I thought I would just create a simple map showing where we should plant the fruit and nut trees that would comprise our food forest.  However, as I started the mapping, I began to see that going through all the steps for a full permaculture design would create a better project … and a learning experience it was in many ways!

Firstly, I’m glad that I’m doing this now, and not when we first arrived at the site.  Eight years of tramping around on our property, observing the changing seasons, watching the flows of the water and the movements of the wind, has given me significant insight into the various microclimates that exist here.

Secondly, researching all the available data and doing the climatic and terrain analyses has given me a lot of “aha moments” (watch out … incoming Awen).  It was very satisfying to see that the models aligned with my own personal observations of the site.  Where the models predicted good sun exposure, lo there was sunshine.  Where the models predicted our creeks should be flowing, they flowed.  It’s good to confirm my developing understanding of how our homestead ecosystem functions.

Overview of the region of Port Neville Inlet where our homestead is located.

Thirdly, when I reviewed the Creag Faoiltiarna Fitheach Design Project that I’d developed eight years ago for our old home in Prince Rupert, I was surprised at how many of the goals that I’d set out in that project we’ve actually achieved.  Even though we didn’t end up carrying out the Creag Faoiltiarna Fitheach design, much of our dreams have been fulfilled here in Port Neville.  Looking back, I think doing that Prince Rupert project has led to much of where we are now.

So, without further ado, here is the project.  For those who are interested in taking a look, I will warn you that some of the files are large (up to 32 MB) as they contain maps, diagrams, and images.

Tir Ceòlmhor Food Forest Project

Tir Ceòlmhor Food Forest Project

Table of Contents

Part 1 – Project Overview
Part 2 – Site Description
Part 3 – Site Climate
Part 4 – Terrain Analysis
Part 5 – Soil Report
Part 6 – Solar Radiation Analysis
Part 7 – Site Tree Cover
Part 8 – Permaculture Design