Mourning the Loss of a Friend

A good friend has passed on.  We are shocked by the suddenness of it, and saddened by the knowledge that his presence in this world is lost to us, that we shall not share another smile at the joys of life or spend another trip exploring the wilderness of this land together .

For those of us who remain behind – his friends, and most especially, his life partner – I write these words:

My friend, you have taken a path where I cannot follow.

I fear you are lost to me amongst the shadows that lay between us.

Yet that cannot be, for still I hear your words echoing in my thoughts,

See images of memories in my mind,

Moments from our shared times together that live on in my heart …

… In the rhythmic sound of paddle dipping through calm water.

… In the smell of fresh-baked bread hot from the oven.

… In the roller coaster ride of of swell under bow.

… In the gentle smile and kind words given without judgement.

… In the feel of warm sand on a day too hot and windy for paddling.

… In dreams of picking ripe red huckleberries.

… In cups of coffee shared at many places and times.

… In philosophical stern deck conversations.

… In quiet moments spent watching our loved ones swirl around us with boundless energy.

… In salmon dinners fresh from the sea.

… In the smoke of drift wood fires.

You live on in the hearts and minds of many,

Your life written into the very fabric of space and time.

No, you are not lost to me, only waiting around a bend in the trail.

And I know that when I finally catch up, you will be there to welcome me to the next great adventure.


Your lost friends are not dead, but gone before, advanced a stage or two upon that road which you must travel in the steps they trod.

~ Aristophanes, philosopher




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