Planting Trees

It’s been several months since last I posted on our blog site.  To those who follow our blog, I apologize.  This spring, we chose to undertake a large project – to clear land and plant a permaculture food forest.  We were probably more than a little overly optimistic about what we would be able to accomplish.  As a result, I had to make some choices about what things would get done and what things would have to go on the back burner.  Unfortunately, our blog ended up on the low priority list.  We are finally slowing down, and here is an abbreviated summary of our spring spent clearing and planting trees …

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The Aspen Proposal

I came across the Aspen Proposal a day or so ago in one of my web browsing moments. It resonated very strongly with me, and I can agree with all of the points that it raises. We all need to consider what we are doing to this planet, our home, and how we can ensure that the generations to follow, and all the other living organisms that share this planet with us, still have a place worth living in for the millennia that are to come. This proposal, a global vision for the future, is meant as a place to start the discussion about the type of future we want. I am posting it here so that we can all begin that discussion. Please share it if you feel that is can help the necessary engagement with the future that must come.

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Edible Permaculture Plants for Port Neville

Eight years ago, when we were still living in Prince Rupert, I took my Permaculture Design Course (PDC), and created a design project for our home there (called Creag Faoiltiarna Fitheach).  Not too much later, we moved to Port Neville Inlet, and so the Prince Rupert project was never completed.  I had intended to make up a new design for our home in the Inlet, but life got in the way, as they say, and it’s only this year that I finally got around to that task.

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Solar Hot Water Heater

Back in April, 2019, I posted about finally getting hot water in the cabin using a coil in our wood stove.  This system has been great, and has worked reliably.  However, during the heat of the summer (especially this summer), it’s been just too hot to run the stove.  So, it’s back to having cold showers or good ol’ bird baths in the sink.  Even in very hot weather, I’m not a real fan of cold showers.

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