COVID-19 Vaccination Questions

I’ve been having a few discussions with people regarding the safety of the mRNA vaccines being used to vaccinate against COVID-19.  As the pandemic has worsened, the need to combat COVID-19, especially for those people who are particularly vulnerable to this virus, has resulted in rapid development and testing of new vaccines.  Are these vaccines safe?  It’s a fair question, and I’m willing to share my opinions on this subject.

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December Developments

December is nearly over, and we’re still getting rain, even though most of the southern half of the province has been snowed on.  Go figure?  Actually, I don’t mind an absence of snow – we can still hike about on the roads with Brennan.  I’m not sure what the rest of the winter will be like.  I’ve heard that it’s supposed to be a La Niña year, so cold with lots of snow, but with climate change, I’m not sure if this will happen or not.

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