Ellendri Chronicles Backgrounder Part 3

Ellendria, Indrian, and Yaron

The third in a series of Graphic Novels describing the region of our universe where the Ellendrí Chronicles takes place.


Once Ellendrïa was a perfect world for human colonization, a true garden planet. With gravity and surface atmospheric pressure both 20% greater than Terran normal, and an atmospheric composition of 16% oxygen and 84% nitrogen, she was still a comfortable home.

In the lowlands, the vegetation was lush, almost tropical, and the nearby seas were warm and shallow. Higher up, in the mountains, there were vast extents of boreal forest.

Alas, all of that is now no more. Hauldrÿn is an old sun, and is on her way to becoming a red giant. Unfortunately, as she slowly expands outwards, Ellendrïa's surface temperature has been rising. Today, Ellendrïa is a planet of deserts, with most terrestrial life concentrated in the high mountain ranges. The slow decline of vegetation has reduced the atmospheric levels of oxygen to 13%, low enough to be uncomfortable for humans.

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