Guardians’ Destiny

Book 1

Book Cover: Guardians' Destiny
Part of the Ellendrí Chronicles series:
  • Guardians' Destiny

The Ellendrí have lived peacefully on their home planet for thousands of years, but even they cannot stave off the eventuality of change. As their sun gradually morphs into a red giant, they are faced with difficult choices, to stagnate and die as their planet turns into a desert world or leave, evolve and survive. Some among them are not willing to wait until the greater whole of their people have made the decision. Once revered as peace keepers throughout the Ll’Ellendrÿn, these rogue and exiled Ellendrí are now feared in the space lanes. And, for the first time in recorded history, there are hostile aliens on the borders of the Ll’Ellendrÿn. Can this ancient and declining race find a new existence in a universe that suddenly seems to be sliding into chaos? Can the remaining few Guardians of Peace stand against the exiles and uphold the dignity and beliefs of their people? Or are the old ones doomed to extinction by fate itself?


If anyone had asked me long years ago whether or not I might consider writing a book in Terran English, I would have looked blankly at them, and inquired, politely enough, “What language is that?” while wondering if they’d been struck by some form of temporary insanity to even consider me as a potential author for a book in any tongue.  What in any of the Known Universes would motivate me to embark on such a project?  Of course, that was before Drí talked me into it …

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