Solar Hot Water Heater

Back in April, 2019, I posted about finally getting hot water in the cabin using a coil in our wood stove.  This system has been great, and has worked reliably.  However, during the heat of the summer (especially this summer), it’s been just too hot to run the stove.  So, it’s back to having cold showers or good ol’ bird baths in the sink.  Even in very hot weather, I’m not a real fan of cold showers.

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Growing Grain

Last October, I did a fall sowing of a variety of different grains (rye, wheat, oats, triticale, barley) in test plots.  I wasn’t sure I’d get good germination, although Dan Jason at Salt Spring Seeds recommends sowing grains anytime from late September through early November on the west coast of B.C.  His fall-sown grains outyielded his spring-sown ones, so it was definitely worth a try.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Questions

I’ve been having a few discussions with people regarding the safety of the mRNA vaccines being used to vaccinate against COVID-19.  As the pandemic has worsened, the need to combat COVID-19, especially for those people who are particularly vulnerable to this virus, has resulted in rapid development and testing of new vaccines.  Are these vaccines safe?  It’s a fair question, and I’m willing to share my opinions on this subject.

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