Ocean Ecology

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Ocean Ecology is the creative partnership between Barb Faggetter and Kennard Hall. Our dream is to achieve a fulfilling and self-sustaining life that is in harmony with nature and our world views. We are in the process of making this dream a reality through the application of permaculture, self-sufficiency, localization, good science, and wise resource management. We hope to encourage others to do the same through our examples.


Barb’s childhood was spent in rural farm communities, living and working on a cattle ranch initially, and later, a fruit orchard. From this, she developed a close connection to the land and living things. This love for nature became her career passion, and was reflected in her graduate work at UBC, where here studies focused on biology and chemical ecology in the oceans.

Barb is a Retired Registered Professional Biologist with a B.Sc. in chemistry/biochemistry (UBC) and a Ph.D. in biological and chemical oceanography (UBC). Her work is highly multidisciplinary, ranging from plankton and macroinvertebrate sampling and identification, shoreline habitat assessments, benthic video surveys, and habitat modeling and mapping to sidescan and multibeam sonar research, and oceanographic modeling. She has been working as a scientist on the BC coast since 1994, and has been involved in a wide variety of projects that have taken her from the intertidal zone to the ocean depths.

Barb has also been an instructor at a community college for 12 years, teaching a wide suite of courses, including oceanography, botany, ethnobotany, zoology, chemistry, and ecology.  Barb has completed her Permaculture Design Certificate at Oregon State University.


While Kennard’s earliest memories are scenes from rural Chiliwack farmland, most of his childhood was spent on the wild central coast of BC. Kennard and his family lived for 9 years on Ivory Island Lighthouse, and later moved to Drainey Inlet (off of Rivers Inlet). Kennard has a great love for the coast and all things nautical.

Kennard has been employed in the marine industry since 1972. His qualifications include Captain of vessels to 60 tons with 12 passengers (Master Limited 60 tons) and Captain of fishing vessels to 100 tons (Fishing Master 4). He has significant experience in ocean research, including diving, collection of underwater samples, use of underwater cameras, and design and construction of specialized electronics.

Recently retired, Kennard is looking forward to a life of leisure in a 20′ x 20′ cabin with Barb on their permaculture homestead. He claims that he will use this time to acheive the optimum level of curmudgeon-hood. However, suspicions are that much of his energies will be spent in many marine adventures and the opportunity to pursue his more creative interests, such as woodworking and stick-making.

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